COPA created this online course on bullying prevention for parents and caregivers with funding provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Parent and Community Engagement Office.

It aims to create a simple and accessible tool that provides the following:

  • An understanding of what bullying is and information on how to recognize it.
  • Effective approaches to preventing bullying in our children’s lives and ways to intervene when bullying occurs.
  • Strategies for communicating with schools and engaging them in meaningful bullying prevention and intervention practices.

Course Components


This online course is divided into many modules.

Each module includes a home page. Each home page is structured similarly so the participants can follow a logical structure.

The introduction to each module provides context and offers an overview of the module.

Issues explored in these modules are:

  1. What is bullying?
  2. How to recognize bullying?
  3. Who is involved?
  4. Taking bullying seriously
  5. Why does it continue?
  6. Preventing bullying
  7. Responding to bullying
  8. Your child’s school and bullying
  9. Creating lasting change


There are 3 steps to complete each module.

Step 1: Scenarios

In Step 1 we present to participants the theme of the module using scenarios. Each scenario has 3 possible options to address the situation.

By choosing an option participants learn more about the possible outcomes of their choice.

Participants can click each option to view a pop-up window containing a brief discussion of the possible outcomes.

A face with a different expression is included with each choice. Participants can learn whether they are on track, according to the approach endorsed by COPA.

Understanding the faces:

You are definitely moving in the right direction!

Perhaps this choice needs to be reconsidered.

Hmmm… this choice could lead to problems.

Step 2: Awareness

In Step 2 the participants can explore the theme of the module by reading about the topic and watching some short animated vignettes.

Step 3: In Practice

In Step 3 the participants move to the next level of understanding by completing a practical exercise. These exercises are designed to help explore the issue of bullying in children’s lives.

COURSE LENGTH: 2.5 – 4.5 hours