Established in 1995. COPA is a recognized centre of excellence in the field of violence prevention through the promotion of equity and social inclusion. Over 120,000 children, youth and adult members of Ontario's school system have received at least one of COPA's unique and effective school-based assault prevention programs.

COPA provides a wide range of multimedia educational resources, training, professional development, network building and consultation throughout the province in response to requests from schools, boards and communities.

COPA’s unique approach is based on individual and collective empowerment and is supported by an analysis based on the principles of equity and inclusion to effect positive social change. COPA works to recognize human rights, especially those of children and other marginalized groups in our society.

Prevention Programs

COPA offers a range of programs to prevent violence and promote equity and inclusion in schools and school boards across Ontario. Working with young people of all ages, educators, school staff, and parents and families, COPA strives to engage the whole school community in creating and enhancing efforts to empower children and youth.

Training and Support

COPA offers parents, families and school staff numerous opportunities for professional development. A variety of workshops and training sessions enhance their ability to contribute to the creation of school environments where all people feel safe, strong and free.

We also provide workshops for parents and caregivers to support their efforts to prevent bullying in their children’s lives.

Resource Development

COPA creates and produces a wide range of educational resources for members of the school community. These resources are available on our various websites (infocopa.com, copahabitat.ca, changeourworld.ca, safeatschool.ca).

Provincial Network

COPA works with local organizations and institutions across Ontario, such as women's groups, cultural and community organizations, school boards or community health centers. These groups, which form its provincial network, offer COPA’s assault prevention programs to French-language schools in their community.

Connect with COPA

You can reach us by email at copa@rogers.com or by calling 416-466-7490. You can also visit our website at infocopa.com.