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What Is Bullying?

SCENARIO: Your child tells you that someone has insulted them online and has been spreading hurtful rumours about them.

1You tell your child that what has happened is horrible but that you can’t control what other people do online.

Showing compassion for our children’s painful experience can be very positive for them, and reinforce their courage in managing it.

In fact, according to Ontario law, cyberbullying is considered bullying. Like with other forms of violence, a response is necessary.

This could be an opportunity to transform this situation, for everybody involved to learn, and to support your child in feeling empowered.

2You tell your child that what they’re experiencing is bullying and that you are there for them.

3You tell your child that it is bullying. You say that it's a really tough situation and that it's important to inform the school so they can take care of the situation.

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