Go to the About This Course page to learn what each of the faces represents. Please read the scenario below and click on the response that seems most appropriate. Note that there is no perfect answer provided, and each response offers feedback and a learning opportunity. Please see COPA’s recommended response.

Preventing Bullying

SCENARIO: You are helping your child with a family tree project that is part of a school assignment. As you continue to work together your child tells you that in class, some of their classmates had circulated a drawing which makes fun of a student's family for having two parents that are the same sex. Your child seems to understand that what’s happening is wrong but they are looking for a response from you.

1You ask your child’s teacher to cancel the assignment because it is too controversial.

You realize that this is bullying and that the situation is serious. You have attempted to intervene to protect the child being harmed.

This is a critical learning opportunity, the issue of discrimination is avoided rather than addressed.

It is likely that the problem of bullying will continue in a different form and possibly without an adult knowing about it.

2You inform your child’s teacher about what you’ve found out. You talk with them about how they may be able to find out who is involved and ensure they receive the proper punishment.

3You ask your child how this experience is affecting them and explore with them what they would like to do to change the situation.

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